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The 3 day face lift diet

Dr. Perricone blames poor diet for wrinkles, skin sagging and fine lines.

He believes that sugar particularly has a lot to answer for, saying that raised blood sugar damages skin cells.

He also recommends avoiding potatoes, rice, pasta and sweets.

Fish is king for Doctor Perricone, who was previously a Dermatology professor.

Visible face improvement in 3 days is said to be achieved by following his diet. Less dryness, fewer lines all from eating Salmon 3 times a day for three days?

The salmon-rich three-day diet promises plumper, smoother skin and an improvement in wrinkles which should last for up to two weeks.

10 Weight Loss rules

salmon oily fish diet

1 Eat plenty of oily fish, particularly salmon,

plus other lean protein such as eggs and chicken. The protein repairs skin cells and slows down ageing while omega-3s in oily fish keep skin moisturised and cut inflammation.

2 Eat plenty of dark, fresh berries, particularly blueberries.

Berries contain antioxidants which help kill off pollutants and prevent premature ageing.

3.Eat apples and pears.

These fruits have a low glycemic index. Avoid watermelon, bananas and mango because they have a high glycemic index (release sugar quickly). Sugar molecules attach themselves to collagen making fibres stiff and inflexible, causing wrinkles.

4. Eat lots of nuts, particularly hazelnuts and almonds,

Nuts contain high quantities of Vitamin E and linoleic acid. Both are potent antioxidants which help fight ageing.

brie snack with pate5 Eat oatmeal for breakfast

but only use slow-cooked whole oats, not the instant varieties, to avoid a rapid rise in blood sugar.

6 Drink eight to ten glasses of pure water a day.

Dehydration can make skin lines more pronounced.

7 Don't drink tea or coffee

Tea and coffee raise levels of cortisol and insulin, hormones that accelerate ageing and store fat.

8 Don't drink alcohol

Alcohol creates a rise in blood sugar.

9 Avoid refined carbohydrates

like white bread and white sugar. Also avoid dried fruit.

10 Exercise daily.

Dr Perricone says regular exercise has an anti-inflammatory effect on the cells.

N.V. Perricone M.D. skin care: delivers powerful results and a smooth, youthful, supple, toned and radiant appearance.

Dr. Perricone has released a book "The Perricone Promise" containing all his tips and advice.

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