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Collagen Injectable Wrinkle Filler


Collagen injections


a type of cosmetic procedure that augments skin and soft tissues to make them firmer and younger looking.

The benefits of collagen injections are that collagen is a natural substance in the body so it incorporates with the body and doesn’t degrade as quickly over time. There aren’t serious complications or side effects, and it is a non-invasiveprocedure.

Collagen injections are also used to improve unsightly scars and fill in cheeks that have sunken in.

Different types of collagen fillers have different advantages.
Dr. Arnold W. Klein, a Beverly Hills dermatologist, is credited with pioneering collagen lip injections in 1984

Types of collagen fillers


is a bovine collagen that lasts for six to ten months and is used for shallow scars.


is another bovine collagen, but is crossed with a heavier filler so it lasts longer than Zyderm (nine months to a year.) These two are easy to implant and are not often abused but certain patients can have allergic reactions to the collagen.

Fibrel is a filler containing gelatin, amino caprotic acid and plasma or saline and lidocaine. Its effects are seen for one to five years and is a good alternative for people who are allergic to Zyderm and Zyplast.


is a synthetic filler consisting of polymethyl methacrylate microspheres (PMMA), collagen, lidocaine and saline. After the collagen degrades, the PMMA spheres are left. It has been shown to be reliable and long lasting in European markets but has yet to be released in the United States.

Hylan B gel

is filler made from substances in rooster coxcombs. It lasts nine months to a year but requires a series of injections rather than just one session and, again, has not yet been released in the United States.


is bovine collagen similar to Zyderm and causing the same allergic reactions.


is a filler made from autologous collagen which resists enzymatic degradation and allergic reactions and has been shown to last for over a year.


is autologous (taken from the patient) collagen, prepared for intradermal injection. Isolagen has not been fully tested yet.

British experts say that Isolagen, which is promoted by the former Dynasty star Emma Samms, is being hyped and that claims that it rejuvenates the skin are "nonsense".

Thousands of patients lodged complaints with British Trading Standards officers after paying up to $7,000 for non-effective injections.

But the London-based arm of the American biotech company disappeared after customers tried to get their money back.

Isolagen was withdrawn in America in 1999 but was still introduced to Britain in 2002.

Before withdrawing from Britain last year, Isolagen described the product as "natural" despite patients' cells being stored in foetal calf serum.

Hyaluronic acid

(Restylane, Hylaform) It is expected that Hyaluronic acid will surpass collagen as the most popular soft tissue filler for lines and wrinkles.

Bovine collagen costs $400 per shot

Finally there are fat injections. These take time and careful preparation before they can be used. The fat is removed from a region such as the abdomen, thighs, knees, or backside. The fat has to be purified, washed, separated, centrifuged and prepared before use.

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