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Blue Peel immediately after Treatment

obagi skin peel photo  after I am feeling a little sorry for myself.

Most of the blue solution had been washed off .
I felt my face starting to tighten and pulsate.

No pain at all, just some discomfort.

Step by step Photos of my Obagi Blue Peel application

Relaxing with cool Air conditioning Gently blowing on my face.
obagi bluepeel during treatment photo see my abaya
I Highly recommend a/c or a fan blowing cool air during the blue peel treatment.
The skin on my face felt very hot and began pulsing and tingling

My Obagi Blue peel application is finished! See my photos !

I finally opened my eyes and  was ready to wash  my blue face.
obagi bluepeel before after photo still blue
I found it somewhat uneasy touching my face let alone washing it. I have a vivid imagination.

I felt exhausted but knew I was in good hands and will be laughing in a Week .


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Obagi Blue peel
before and after treatment