Bluepeel Day 2 (The Next Day)

The morning after my Obagi chemical peel, my face became more swollen and  puffy.

obagi bluepeel before after photo My eyes became sensitive and slightly blood shot.

I felt no pain just  some discomfort.  I became very thirsty.

For those of you who have tried a facial Mud Mask, two layers thick,
you will know how difficult it is to move your face, to eat, to clean your teeth, or to talk

obagi bluepeel application photo
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I didn't use any pain killers or ointment at this stage of the Obagi blue peel, I didn't feel it  necessary.

Now I was slurping Ice-Cream, soups, fruit juices and chocolate!
Chewing and biting was out,  unless I wanted to start cracking my face.!!

Great difficulty sleeping  this night. Probably because I wanted to sleep on my side for a change.

Let's see what tomorrow brings!

Sometimes a little concealing and perking up is all you need. It doesn't take surgery


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