Plastic surgery Safety

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When it refers to facelifts:

'Non-Surgical' is not 'Non-Medical'
'Stop and think'
about cosmetic treatments

How To Get Plastic Surgery

BAAPS president Mr McGeorge recommends people considering a cosmetic facelift should check:

Cosmetic Surgery Safety Checklist

  1. Location - treatments should not take place in someone's home, a hotel room or at a party
  2. Medical staff should always be on hand for the rare occasions that something goes wrong
  3. Qualifications - should the team be carrying out this procedure?
  4. Research - how effective is the treatment, is it right for you, and what are the potential benefits and side effects?
  5. Safeguards - what can you do if you are unhappy with the result?
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face after chemical peel

McGeorge said: "We just want people to stop and think and check that the people carrying out these (cosmetic) procedures are properly trained.

"It's in your best interest to see someone who specialises in plastic surgery or dermatologic care when seeking medical - even if they're non-surgical - procedures."

He added: "The public should seek environments under the care of a properly qualified physician rather than at a shop or a hair salon - non-surgical does not mean non-medical."

Injectables, skin peels and lasers

"Injectables, skin peels and lasers should all be performed by a properly trained clinician, a plastic surgeon or a dermatologist.

"It is essential that people do their homework as these treatments can affect not only their appearance but health and safety as well."

For Cosmetic surgery advice contact the Association Of Plastic Surgeons

Alternative non surgical facelifts:
,Threadlift,Chemical Peel,Botox ,
Feather Lift , BluePeel chemical peel

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