Silskin Permanent Wrinkle Filler

Silskin® is a permanent filler made using sterile, colourless silicone oil. No skin test is required.

It is currently approved by the FDA for treating rare eye complaints.
SilSkin has been granted pre-market approval to conduct clinical trials for cosmetic use.

Possible applications include facial augmentation including lips, cheeks and undereyes.
Lines and wrinkles are softened, and lips can be plumped.

If its safety can be assured Silskin is an exciting development, because a course of 6-8 injections would cause a permanent improvement, unlike, for example, Radiesse® which degrades over about 2 years.

There may be safety advantages to products that degrade, as the foreign cells are removed from the body


The theory behind Silskin is that injected silicon oils cause the body to create a protective shell of a fibrous tissue capsule around the tiny droplets, much as a pearl is formed in an oyster around a grain of sand.

Problems could occur if the oil enters a cell.

As of Q3 2006 not FDA approved for cosmetic use, though SilSkin has been granted pre-market approval to conduct clinical trials.

From the manufacturer:


SilSkin™ is a purified 1000cs silicone oil manufactured by RJ Development and currently under investigation for facial soft tissue augmentation. At present, SilSkin is an investigational device limited by Federal law to investigational use.

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