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Forget False Eyelashes, these New products that lengthen eyelashes are based on the eyelash growth side effect of drugs from the prostaglandin family.

Specifically, Eyelash growth is a side effect of a glaucoma drug called Lumigan, sold by Botox maker Allergan Inc.

Cosmetics companies are creating new eyelash treatments that contain either bimatoprost, the active ingredient in Lumigan, or other prostaglandins found in glaucoma drugs.

The eyelash applications come in tubes and have a brush or tip for applying the product along the base of the lashes.
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To match eyelash wishes, the following companies have created products which
extend eye-lashes:

Jan Marini Skin Research discontinued Age Intervention Eyelash due to FDA queries, then released Age Intervention Eyelash Conditioner.

jan marini eyelashPhotoMedex Inc. has created MD Lash Factor

Allergan has filed a patent infringement suit against seven eyelash-product companies including Jan Marini Skin Research, Athena Cosmetics and PhotoMedex.

The “side effects” of longer eyelash growth from the prostaglandin family of drugs has been described in the medical literature for years.

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According to an expert, Women seeking longer and thicker eyelashes can use:

  • Mascara which coats the existing lashes,
  • Eyelash extensions (glued on ‘false’ lashes)
  • Eyelash-conditioners which contain prostaglandin derivatives,
  • Permanent eyelash transplants