Face lift: Infrared, No anesthesia

Infrared Eyebrow Lift and Neck Lift

new antiaging skin care system from Titan (Cutera Inc. Brisbane, CA) reportedly produces immediate skin tightening, eyebrow lifting and/or lower face, nasal-labial fold (the creases from your nose to the corners of your mouth) and loose neck skin.

Anti aging Skin Benefits of Infrared Therapy

  • There is an instant improvement in cosmetic skin condition
  • No anesthesia.is needed for this face lift
  • There is no recovery time, no cuts, and no scars
  • You will look much better and younger after the procedure
  • The results have a natural look. Reduction of the naso-labial folds
  • The skin continues to improve by stimulated long-term collagen rebuilding

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Solera Titan is the first Light-based solution for Deep Dermal Yonger Looking Skin.
The Titan facelift uses infrared light to heat deep dermal tissue, while protecting the epidermis with continuous cooling.

The result is younger looking skin.

Improve Loose skin, such as the abdomen, arms and thighs.
Doctors claim that the results have the natural look which plastic surgery rarely achieves. .

How to Look 10-15 Years YOUNGER... IN JUST 60 SECONDS

How long does the Titan Facelift Procedure Take?

The Infra-red Titan Facelift can take an hour or more

Titan facial skin care rejuvenation treatment Technical Information

Titan gives a multi-second pulse which provides a gentle and sustained skin heating that is reportedly less painful.than Thermage. The safety profile is very good, the results, younger tighter skin, as satisfactory as any other nonsurgical technique.

The Titan laser skin treatment works by having the laser's light react with the water that is within the deeper layers of the skin (dermis)

Titan is also described as Infrared Face Lift, laser cosmetic, Instant Face lift, Mini Face Lift

According to Palmer White, M.D., laser specialist: "The Titan is good for people who are showing some signs of aging mostly in the shape of jowels, jowels coming down and the cheeks coming down and the lines called the marionette line getting deeper."

Nonsurgical Facelift Procedures (no cut, non surgical, no scar face treatments)

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The Titan facelift employs infrared light (not laser, not radio frequency [thermage]) to lift and tighten the skin so that gravity changes are softened, fine wrinkles are less obvious and pores are shrunk.

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