S-lift gives a pleasing rejuvenation of the jowl and submental area.

The concept of a facelift using an 'S-shaped incision' in front of the ear. Originally only the skin was lifted leading to unsatifactory results, but by lifting both skin and muscle a satisfactory and lasting facelift was achieved, resulting in a longer lasting, and more youthful appearance

The S-lift can be combined with other facelift procedures such as corset platysmaplasty and is a safe and effective method for saggy neck,
and lower/ mid-face to reverse the changes that occur with ageing. The “S” in S-lift refers to the shape of the incision made in front of the ear

This variation of platysmaplasty can be used in conjunction with neck liposuction to maximize jawline and neck contour enhancement, skin resurfacing, fat augmentation, browlift, or blepharoplasty.


The modern 'S-Lift' was developed by Dr P Ansari of Dusseldorf (Germany)