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Thermacool - Non surgical facelift by radio


Thermacool is one of the very latest FDA approved nonsurgical, sagging skin treatments.

Also known as Thermalift and Thermage, THERMACOOL is a non-invasive, quick cosmetic surgery facelift treatment that tightens wrinkly, sagging and aging skin.

Although most popular for face & neck lifts, thermacool can also be applied to the arms and legs, or any other area of loose skin. It is one of the latest & quickest techniques in antiaging skin care.

The procedure uses radio wave energy to generate heat

Thermacool Heat causes the tissue below the sagging skin to warm up. Tissue heating causes the skin to tighten
The THERMACOOL system has recently been featured on the Oprah Winfrey show and the Good Morning Show

Thermacool Duration :

The procedure takes only forty minutes and requires only an anasthetic cream or other light pain relief.

The results are instant skin improvement and the process improves your looks for up to six months until the full lift effect is seen.

Thermacool :

Also known as Thermage, Thermacool's name describes the process of alternately heating & cooling the skin, to tighten sagging skin, and renew the body's collagen, to give firmer, smoother skin tone and consistency.

Research shows Thermacool works!

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For further information on Thermacool read this article by Dr. Barry Lycka



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