Threadlift the String Face Lift

The Threadlift is a full facelift in only 30 minutes

The thread facelift is a simple, office based , outpatient non-surgical facelift.

ThreadLift is a scarless face lift procedure that uses fine surgical threads (barbed sutures) to lift saggy skin areas of the brow, cheeks and neck.

ThreadLift© results in an amazing, 'non surgery facelift' in under an hour.

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ThreadLift Described:

Smooth and barbed prolene facelift sutures (threads) are used to loop or "lasso" points on sagging brows, cheeks, jowls and neck. This 'lassolift' is performed under local freezing and the threading is performed using a hollow bore needle. 'Thread Lift' provides lift and support to sagging or flabby facial and neck skin.

Over the next six weeks new growth of collagen binds to the threads creating firmer skin.

As time passes, and features start to sag, you can make a simple visit to a doctor, dermatologist or physician who will pull the existing threads tighter, correcting sagging skin. This simple thread facelift procedure reduces the long term face lift cost.

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If you are wary of plastic surgery, general anesthesia, and are comparing 'blue peel', makeup, facial laser, infrared instant face lifts, or simply can't afford the weeks of recovery or the cost of a regular facelift:(rhytidectomy), then the thread lift, which has been featured on Oprah, the Today Show, and Good Morning America, could be for you!

Threadlift threads are manufactured in the USA by: 'Contour Threads'
Overseas they are also manufactured by:'Aptos Threads'.

Recently there has been some controversy on thread facelift results. This is a relatively new procedure and there have been some reports that if the threads are not buried deeply enough they can pull free, or bunch up, so it is important to query your physician as to previous results and experience..

The New York Times published a threadlift article by Natasha Singer titled 'Mixed Results on a New Beauty Fix'

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Also described as
Threading Face Lift, Featherlift, String Face Lift, purse string lift , weekend facelift and looplift

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Barbed-Suture Manufacturers: Contour Threads, Aptos Threads


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