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Do you have someone close to you planning a wedding? Consider giving her cosmetic enhancements as a gift. Inexpensive options likeBotox, microdermabrasion,Obagi Blue Peel, and lip augmentation make the biggest difference on how the bride will appear on the wedding day.

 With your wedding date set, if you’re like most “brides to be”, that seemingly endless list of tasks may be overwhelming. You may be concerned on how the flowers will smell, how the music will sound, and how the food will taste which are all short lived. But the pictures taken that day will capture the memories that will last for generations.

At the wedding and in the wedding pictures, all eyes will be focused on the bride, her dress ,hairstyle and  her glowing complexion. Additional items that may be added to that list of tasks should include minor non-invasive procedures such asskincare, lip augmentation, or photofacial treatments. “The goal is to help the bride look more radiant” says Dr. Kevin Sadati, a Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon in private practice in Seattle, Washington. He reports the most popular procedures for brides-to-be are,Botox, lip augmentation, and chemical peels. The perfect time to start a new skincare routine is at least two months prior to the big day. Botox can be utilized to eliminate the frontal and “crow's feet” wrinkles, or even quiet down the under arm sweat glands.

There are several different products to enhance lips. Restylane, Hylaform, and Radiesse are popular fillers which are injected easily within minutes, with minimal discomfort. These fillers have a duration of six months to two years depending on the product chosen.

According to Susan Cummins the director of Radiant Skin Care in the Seattle area, there are different ways to refresh the skin. Many blushing brides find microdermabrasion not only polishes the skin, but it allows their makeup to be applied flawlessly to create that “glowing” effect. Other procedures such as the Obagi “Blue Peel”, IPL (Intense Pulse Laser) and N-lite may be performed months prior to the wedding day. They will lend to the over all beauty of the skin by correcting issues such as hyperpigmentation, redness, fine lines, and wrinkles. At The Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery, where Susan provides skin care, patients will find the latest in technology, the best of products, and the guidance to make their wedding day photos truly unforgettable.

Let’s not forget the mothers of the bride and the groom who also wish to look their best. Many will seek face lift or other cosmetic procedures before the wedding date. Surgical procedures should be done up to 6 months prior to the set date to allow enough time for the healing process.” states Dr. Sadati. The most common pre-wedding cosmetic surgery misconception is waiting too long to see the surgeon about major procedures on the face, eyes, and abdomen. Make sure to schedule your consultation as soon as you have set your wedding date in order to discuss your options with the surgeon.

Free Fat Transfer is also a fantastic and natural way to enhance the cheek, chin, breast, and the buttock areas. Dr. Sadati and Dr. Alexander are experts in this field with many published articles in the American Journal of Cosmetic Surgery regarding Free Fat Transfer techniques. During these surgical procedures the patient’s harvested fat is combined with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) prior to transfer to ensure a longer lasting results and a more natural look. The doctors find that Fat Transfer is a reliable option to enhance your facial and body contours.

Do you have someone close to you planning a wedding? Consider giving cosmetic enhancements as a gift. Treatments range in price from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand depending on the procedures chosen. Inexpensive options would be Botox, microdermabrasion, Obagi Blue Peel, chemical peels, and lip augmentation. These gifts make the biggest difference on how the bride will appear on her wedding day.

Dr. Sadati has a strong background and interest in the arts, with training at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. His personal interests lie in the areas of oil painting and sculpture.

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