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Former FAT-Boy Doctor Writes Weight Loss Book
He's been there!

If you are looking for a weight loss tip, a weight loss recipe or a quick weight loss diet, have a look at this successful doctor's weight loss tips. He's the fat doctor who found out how to be thin.

This is a doctor who follow his own advice and look great!

In his sensational book, DR. GREGORY ELLIS tells you how a well built, plus size,
55 year old Ph.D.
(himself) found the solution the "I'M-TOO-FAT" syndrome and lost weight AND fat.

Last year was a critical year in the weight loss wars.

The nation groaned under the exploding obesity epidemic.
Everything that had been tried during the last several decades failed.
Even the much ballyhooed low-fat diet promoted by the medical establishment not only failed but backfired too and people actually got fatter eating this way.

What in the world is going on? Some observers even began to champion the possibility that Dr. Atkins' diet might hold the answer.

The news media gobbled it all up and the journalists interviewed anyone who held an opinion, expert or not. Amazingly, the media has boiled it all down to an argument of Atkins vs. Dr. Dean Ornish, the vegetarian low-fat zealot and noted Atkins opponent. Time magazine ran a cover title about whether it was fat or carbs.

Confusion ruled the day.

Weight Loss Tip

All the while, during the last 43 years, former fat-boy, now athlete, devoted himself to the study of how it all actually works, every last detail.

Forget all the ideas and find out how the body itself regulates its weight, then the answer will stare you right in the face.

In early 1999, the Ph.D., Dr. Gregory Ellis, the former fat-boy, started writing the most significant, life-changing book ever published on the subject of bodyweight regulation.

  • Is it a diet book? Yes.
  • Is it an exercise book? Yes.
  • Is it a critical analysis of every misinformed weight loss program on the market? Yes.
  • Is it a complete expose on the weight loss industry? Yes, Yes, and Yes.

    Does it end all the Confusion? It buries it!

    I've read this book. Now I know just how confused I was about how it all worked and I know for sure that everyone else is confused too.
    There's no subject on the earth that's more riddled with misinformation than weight loss.
    Why? It's because there are so many competing ideas out there that are nothing more than that -- ideas. And they're all full of hot air. Dr. Ellis showed me exactly why.

    You've simply never read a book like this before. What he teaches is that we already know everything there is to solve this obesity problem and, that the national belief that it's primarily about diet is so short sighted that if we remain focused on this, the only option is failure.

    Dr. Ellis teaches that, today, we already have all the facts, every possible strategy and program that we need, to solve this right now. He argues that we've got to stop discussing the "HOW TO DO IT" and get on with the "DOING IT" since we know what to do.
    All you have to do to succeed is to do what he tells you to do.

That's his 100% Weight Loss and Weight Control Solution Guarantee.

Why Dr. Ellis?

Why Ellis and no one else? That's a good question. Ellis is the first person ever to approach weight loss with this divinely unique approach. He found out how the body, itself, regulates its weight. Weight is regulated you know; it follows specific and well known Laws. That's the fascinating twist that the Doc brought to the table. No one has ever done this before, I guarantee you. There was a window of opportunity and Greg stepped through it. If the book had already been available, he wouldn't have bothered writing his own. But that book wasn't available and he knew that he could write it and provide the solution to the problem.

So, while the nation focuses itself on diet composition, on the battle between Atkins and Ornish(and throw in the medical establishment too), and they're still fighting the same battle they've been fighting for more than 30 years. Dr. Ellis comes along and slams the door shut on the argument.

If you have a weight loss question, he answers it. This is actually the most informative and powerful book ever written on the subject of slimming, weight control, and body shape optimization. And, you oughta' see the body on this guy! It's unbelievable for a 55-year old , it's unbelievable at any age.
Talk about "walkin' the walk," and "talkin' the talk," this is like nothing you've ever witnessed before. Ellis will be a national celebrity.

So, if you want answers and you want solutions, then Dr. Gregory Ellis's Ultimate Diet Secrets is the book for you. I'm giving it my endorsement, my 100% no-holds-barred backing.

If you want to become the master of your own body,and become your own 100% weight control expert, then click this url Dr. Gregory Ellis's Ultimate Diet Secrets or go to Dr. Ellis's site and read what he's got to say. Read it Now

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So before trying a weight loss pill or a difficult diet have a look at the fat doctor who got thin.